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China Aircraft Aluminum Sheet


China aircraft aluminum sheet is made of high-purity aluminum and is a lightweight and high-strength material widely used in the aviation industry. It can reduce the weight of the aircraft and improve its aerial performance. Additionally, aircraft aluminum plate also has high specific strength and stiffness, allowing it to withstand the working loads of aircraft structures according to design requirements, as well as various alternating and temperature loads.

china aircraft aluminum sheet

The main types of china aircraft aluminum alloy materials are 2000 series and 7000 series. 2000 series aluminum alloys have excellent toughness, strength, and weldability, and are usually used to manufacture aircraft fuselages, engine casings, and cabins. Among them, 2024 aircraft aluminum alloy is the most commonly used 2000 series aluminum alloy, with good toughness and strength, but poor corrosion resistance, requiring surface treatment before use.

7000 series aluminum alloys have higher strength and corrosion resistance and are usually used to manufacture high-speed aircraft bodies, engine components, and suspension systems. Among them, 7075 aluminum alloy is the most commonly used 7000 series aircraft aluminum alloy, with high strength and excellent fracture toughness, but poor ductility and greater manufacturing difficulty.

The models of these china aircraft aluminum sheet include: 7075 aluminum plate, 7050 aluminum plate, 7075T6 aluminum plate, 2A12 aluminum plate, 6082 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate, etc.

7075 aircraft aluminum: It has high strength, excellent machinability and toughness, as well as outstanding corrosion resistance and strong fatigue resistance. It is commonly used in aircraft fuselages and wing panels.

2024 aircraft aluminum: It has slightly lower strength but excellent plasticity and machinability. It is widely used in aviation and other industrial manufacturing fields and is an important material for aircraft fuselages and wing panels.

6061 aircraft aluminum: It has excellent machinability and high strength, and is widely used in structural components of aircraft. It is not easily deformed and can effectively improve safety.

7072 aircraft aluminum: It has high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, fatigue resistance, and other characteristics. It can withstand complex working environments such as high temperature and high pressure, suitable for the manufacturing of space and aviation equipment.

China Aircraft Aluminum Sheet