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Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd. distributes 1000 series to 8000 Series aluminum alloy, aluminum sheet plate, aluminum rod, aluminum tube, aluminum square tube, etc. Aluminum Alloy we supply are widely used in the field of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, military, metallurgy, electronics, electromechanical, textile, transportation, construction, chemical, light industry, energy and others. In the development process of the company, advanced production equipment and testing instruments were procurement from countries with high technical level continuous to improve the product quality.


We deliver value-added plates, sheets, extrusions, and precision castings in the three major aerospace markets- commercial, military, and space. As a major provider of pre-machining and custom-designed aerospace components, and the sole producer of many advanced proprietary alloys and technologies, we offer sustainable growth solutions to our customers. We have unique manufacturing capabilities, a portfolio of leading-edge alloys, and more than 300 patents. Our focus is on high value-added products, fuselage sheets, wing skins, and supply chain integration (pre-machined parts, closed-loop recycling).

aircraft aluminum supplier

We have served the aerospace industry for more than thirty years and continue to expand our production capabilities to better serve our customers. Our new rolling mill is designed to meet fast-growing regional and global demand for technically advanced aerospace grade aluminum plate products and commercial plate customers.  The state-of-the-art plant, one of only a handful in the world, is equipped to produce the most advanced value-added aluminum for aerospace and leading manufacturers in a variety of fast-growing global industries.


At present, ours products are exported to the Africa market, South America market, Southeast Asia market, central Asia, Australia, part of the north American and European markets.


Now our company is constantly improve and grow. We look forward to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnership with you!

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