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Aeronautical Aluminum Alloys


Aeronautical aluminum alloys are the backbone material for the manufacture of aircraft and aerospace vehicles. With the continuous improvement of the flight performance, payload, fuel consumption, service life and safety and reliability requirements of contemporary aircraft design and manufacture, higher and higher requirements are also put forward for the comprehensive performance and reduction effect of aluminum alloy structures.

aeronautical aluminum alloys

Whether designing commercial aircraft or building sophisticated space shuttles, aeronautical aluminum alloys are critical materials. Aircraft aluminum alloys are most commonly used in the manufacture of fuselages, wings and support structures, bringing a range of benefits to aircraft and space flight engineering. Aerospace aluminum alloys are used to handle the sub-zero temperature conditions encountered in the cryogenic vacuum of space. The 2000 series and 7000 series aluminum alloys can considered to be typical aviation aluminum alloys. The detailed classification of aircraft aluminum alloys are:

1, Hard aluminum: aluminum-magnesium-copper alloy. The most widely used aluminum alloy in the aviation industry. Commonly used 2024, 2A12, 2017A, good strength, toughness, fatigue resistance, good plasticity. Used to make skins, bulkheads, ribs, etc.

2, Super hard aluminum: aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloy. Commonly used 7075, 7A09, high strength limit and yield strength, large load, used to manufacture the upper wing surface skin, girder and so on.

3, Anti-rust aluminum alloy: commonly used aluminum-magnesium alloy 5A02, 5A06, 5B05. It has high corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, good plasticity and weldability. Used to make mailboxes, oil pipes, etc.

4, Forged aluminum alloy, commonly used 6A02, has high hardness and good corrosion resistance. Manufacture of engine parts, joints, etc.

5, Cast aeronautical aluminum alloys, with small specific gravity, high corrosion resistance and heat resistance, for the manufacture of engine casings, etc.

Aeronautical Aluminum Alloys