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Aluminum Applied to Wing Panels of Aircraft


The aircraft luminum for wing of aerospace can be made of 2A12 aluminum plate. The main function of the aircraft wing is to provide lift for the aircraft to support the aircraft flying in the air, and also play a certain role in stability and control. Ailerons and flaps are generally installed on the wings. Manipulating the ailerons can make the aircraft roll; lowering the flaps can increase the lift coefficient of the wing. In addition, engines, landing gear and fuel tanks can also be installed on the wings. There are various shapes and numbers of wings. In the early days of underdeveloped aviation technology, in order to provide greater lift, the aircraft were mainly biplanes or even multi-wing aircraft, but modern aircrafts are generally monoplanes.

aluminum for wing of aircraft

The aircraft wing plays an important role in the overall structure of the aircraft. The 2A12 aluminum alloy is used to make the wing. The aluminum alloy has low density, which reduces the overall weight of the aircraft fuselage, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the aircraft. At the same time, 2A12 aluminum alloy has a good effect. Anti-corrosion performance, flying in the high-altitude atmosphere can reduce atmospheric corrosion to a certain extent and extend the life of the aircraft.

Aluminum Applied to Wing Panels of Aircraft