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Aluminium 2024 t3 Data Sheet


This is the introduction of HAOMEI aluminium 2024 t3 data sheet including alloy composition, specification, physical properties, chemical properties and application area.

aluminium 2024 t3 data sheet

Alloy composition of 2024 T3 aluminum alloy:

2024 T3 aluminum alloy is an aluminum-copper-magnesium duralumin-type alloy with the following approximate mass fractions: Si 0.5, Fe 0.5, Cu 4, Mn 0.9, Mg 1.5, Zn 0.25, Ti 0.15, and the rest is aluminum content. In addition, it may contain some other elements and impurities.

Specification of aluminium 2024 t3:

2024 T3 aluminum alloy is commonly available in the form of tubes, plates, rods, aluminum rows, aluminum wires, etc. The specifications can be customized according to the actual application requirements. Haomei Aluminum mainly offer 2024 t3 aluminum sheet, 2024 t3 aluminum plate, 2024 t3 aluminum tubes, 2024 t3 aluminum bars and other related products that used for aircraft industry.

Physical Properties of aluminum 2024 t3:

2024 t3 aluminum alloy has high strength, plasticity, fatigue life, fracture toughness and resistance to fatigue crack extension. Its hardness, tensile strength and yield strength are significantly improved in heat-treated states (e.g. T3/T351 state). For example, its ultimate tensile strength can reach 58,000-62,000 psi (400-427 MPa), yield strength is 39,000-40,000 psi (269-276 MPa), and elongation is 10-15%.

Chemical Properties of 2024 t3 aluminium:

The corrosion resistance of 2024 T3 aluminum alloy is general, in order to improve its corrosion resistance, anodic oxidation treatment and painting methods or surface cladding aluminum layer are often used.

Applications of 2024 t3 aluminum:

Due to the excellent comprehensive performance and high-temperature creep resistance of 2024 T3 aluminum alloy, it is often used in places where high strength but low weight ratio is required, such as the skins and engine compartments of commercial and military aircrafts that are often subjected to high temperatures of 121~150°C, as well as other aircraft structural parts with high strength requirements. Also, its good cutting and machining properties have led to a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry.

Please note that specific aluminium 2024 t3 data sheet including alloy compositions, specifications and properties may vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific product, so it is recommended to check the relevant product information or consult a professional according to the actual needs.

Aluminium 2024 t3 Data Sheet